Export Lab, c’est l’ouverture des frontières culturelles.

Export Lab is a resource platform dedicated to export issues in the field of performing arts. Launched in November 2020, the website offers both a media and institutional watch on international and cultural relations, but also practical information sheets and documentation to enable everyone, artists and cultural professionals, to grasp the subject and embark on international cultural projects.
Export Lab is a website of Yanai Lab, an artistic production agency dedicated to export projects. Founded in 2016 by Anaïs Rambaud, until then in charge of specialized production in India, Yanai Lab's mission is to accompany artists and production companies in their desire to develop projects in various territories such as India, Morocco, Madagascar, Senegal, Mali, Korea or Japan.
With strong values of cooperation, experience sharing and highlighting world cultures, Yanai Lab has set up, in parallel with its administrative and production tasks, a tailor-made meeting service allowing everyone to get to know export and better understand its stakes. Realizing that the questions were more or less the same during these meetings, Yanai Lab had the idea of launching this resource platform, in a context where only digital technology seemed to have its place. Translated with (free version)

Yanai Lab remains available for any personalized support.

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