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The 12th June 2021
The calls for projects of Creative Europe 2021-2027 are launched!
Published in early June, these calls for projects concern the 2021-2027 period of the Creative Europe program.

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Le 23 mai 2022
Appel à projets pour Le Fonds Impuls neue Musik
Le Fonds Impuls neue Musik soutient des projets musicaux favorisant les échanges linguistiques et culturels francophones et germanophones.
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18th MAY
The On The Move platform launches a forum on cultural mobility
First forum physically hosted by Nordic Culture Point in Helsinki in finaland will be broadcast online by Howltround member of On The Move.
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30th MARCH 2022
Call for projects for five theater companies
For its first edition, the Lampenfiber festival of Franco-German theater, launches its call for projects.
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25th MARCH 2022
Residency program with the French Institute and the Cité internationale des arts
The Institut Français and the Cité internationale des arts offer each year a residency program of three to six months.
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23th MARCH 2022
Map of French Alliances and Institutes in the world
Since 2022, the Institut Français has made available a map with the addresses of the Institutes and Alliances françaises throughout the world.
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March 18th 2022
Watch a replay of the entire Night of Ideas 2022
Created to celebrate the circulation of ideas, the Night of Ideas invites the international sharing of ideas.