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Le 2 avril 2021
Global recorded music revenues on the rise
According to a study of the IFPI, which represents the recorded music in the world, the market figures are still increasing.
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The 7th March 2021
iPortunus: it's the turn of the music, until April 15!
One is intended for musicians, composers and singers, the other for artists, creators and cultural professionals active in the field of cultural heritage.
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The 16th February 2021
Parution d’un guide pratique autour de l’affranchissement du droit d’auteur dans le spectacle vivant à l’international
On the Move a coordonné la traduction d’un guide pratique réalisé par l’European festivals association et Pearle.
The 12th February 2021
How are the shows going in Europe?
Overview of the situation of the performing arts in European countries.
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The 5th February 2021
Women making music : participez à l’enquête
MIDIA, Tunecore et Believe Digital lancent une enquête internationale « Women making music ».
The 26th January 2021
Liveurope is looking to expand its ranks!
Five new European concert halls are welcome at Liveurope. A call for applications is launched.