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Le 23 mai 2022
Appel à projets pour Le Fonds Impuls neue Musik
Le Fonds Impuls neue Musik soutient des projets musicaux favorisant les échanges linguistiques et culturels francophones et germanophones.
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18th MAY
The On The Move platform launches a forum on cultural mobility
First forum physically hosted by Nordic Culture Point in Helsinki in finaland will be broadcast online by Howltround member of On The Move.
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30th MARCH 2022
Call for projects for five theater companies
For its first edition, the Lampenfiber festival of Franco-German theater, launches its call for projects.
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25th MARCH 2022
Residency program with the French Institute and the Cité internationale des arts
The Institut Français and the Cité internationale des arts offer each year a residency program of three to six months.
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March 18th 2022
Watch a replay of the entire Night of Ideas 2022
Created to celebrate the circulation of ideas, the Night of Ideas invites the international sharing of ideas.
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16th March 2022
Reeperbahn Festival 2022: concerts and call for entries
The German festival is calling for applications from French - and foreign - artists to be part of the next programme.
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11th march 2022
Innovation Lab: cross-sectoral call
The call aims to support European cooperation in order to bring together expert actors in the cultural, audiovisual and creative sectors.
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9TH MARCH 2022
MusicAIRE launches its 1st call for projects: an innovative recovery for Europe
MusicAIRE is an innovative, simple and flexible program whose mission is to provide solutions to the recovery of the music ecosystem.
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february 25th 2022
Travel to and from abroad: update on the health situation in France
If you are planning to travel abroad or return to France soon, here is the French classification of countries based on health indicators as of 16 February 2022.
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February 18th 2022
Update on the health situation in France.
From 28 February, masks are no longer required in enclosed spaces. Stand-up concerts resumed on 16 February 2022. Since 12 February, new rules apply at the borders.
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February 18th 2022
Call for applications for the future European Capital of Culture 2028
The Ministry of Culture is responsible for the organisation of the nomination process for the future French city to be named European Capital of Culture in 2028.
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February 18th 2022
Relaxation of health restrictions for the cultural sector
Since 2 February 2022, the cultural sector will return to normal in the coming weeks.
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The 18th February 2022
Call for projects: Odyssey 2022 residency for foreign artists
The Association of leading center for cultural encounters launches the Odyssey programme. It supports residencies for artists not residing in France who wish to develop artistic projects. The programme covers all cultural sectors.
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The 18th February 2022
On The Move offers a funding guide for international mobility
With the support of the French Ministry of Culture, On The Move offers a funding guide for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals to and from France. Available on their platform.
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The 25th November 2021
Live DMA releases study on the impact of Covid
Although the epidemic does not seem to be over, Live DMA, the European network for contemporary music, has published a numerical assessment of the different losses linked to Covid-19. Among the figures stated, live music has dropped by 78%. Compared to other years, there were 1.9 million fewer artistic performances. The live sector has lost 730 million euros.
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The 11th July 2021
Zone franche publishes an opinion piece on the international mobility context
In the context of a global health crisis that remains a concern, the World Music Network discusses the circulation of artists.
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The 12th June 2021
The calls for projects of Creative Europe 2021-2027 are launched!
Published in early June, these calls for projects concern the 2021-2027 period of the Creative Europe program.
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The 6th May 2021
Covid-proofing Artist Mobility: Government Update
Which artists can enter the French territory, which artists can leave it? And for what reasons? The ministry clarifies the conditions for the situation until further notice.
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The 27th March 2021
Update on the opening of cultural venues around the world
Culture Link takes a look at the political decisions regarding the opening of cultural venues in Europe and around the world.
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The 8th March 2021
Practical information on Brexit
The National Music Centre takes stock of the movement of goods and artists between Europe and the United Kingdom as a result of the Brexit agreements.
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The 7th March 2021
Round Table on Gender Equality in Europe
On the occasion of the International Women's Rights Day, the Maison de l'Europe - Europa Nantes proposes a round table: "Culture in Europe: where do we stand on gender equality? ». See you on Tuesday 9 March at 6.15 pm online.
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The 25th February 2021
The Pearle organization publishes a cartography of the live situation in Europe
Pearle (Live Performance in Europe) has just published a map showing the concerts for each European country. This gives a detailed picture (with restrictions) of the situation regarding live performance in Europe.
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The 10th February 2021
Details on the operation of the National Music Centre
Anne-Sophie Bach, director of communication of the National Music Center, at the microphone of Culture Matin, makes an assessment of the first year of operation of the entity, the integration of the new structures and future support.
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The 5th February 2021
Some European countries are reopening their places of culture
Italy, Poland and Greece are relaxing their rules and allowing cultural venues to reopen... under certain conditions.
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The 25th January
New artistic expressions in pandemic in three Asian countries
Culture 360 Asef provides an overview of means of expression and other artistic initiatives in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
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The 24 January 2021
India is preparing to reopen its borders ... under conditions
Business visas (especially for artists) and tourist visas had been suspended since last March.
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The 23rd January 2021
IPortunus, it's until February 28th !
The iPortunus call for projects to support the mobility of cultural actors in the European Union is once again open.
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Le 7 janvier 2021
Brexit: the war between the EU and the UK over artist tours
With its article "British singers and musicians furious that Brexit threatens their European tours", Les Echos tells us how the Brexit poses a serious threat to artists' tours between the EU and the UK.
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The 19th January 2021
A guide to funding for online mobility
On the Move has just published its guide to international mobility funding for artists and cultural professionals. 150 different schemes, aids, funds and support are listed.
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The 8th January 2021
The essential logic of cooperation in times of crisis
The economist Xavier Greffe observes, in an article in "Le Monde", that cultural creation and practices unfold in new dimensions of space and time which, reinforced by confinement, no longer correspond to the old "vertical" world.
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Le 4 janvier 2021
UNESCO publishes a good practice guide for the culture in times of pandemic
France Culture (Marie Sorbier) interviews Ernesto Ottone, Assistant Director General for Culture at UNESCO, about the ResiliArt programme, a listening platform to support artists.
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The 29th December 2020
European tour of confined concert halls
Culture Link takes stock of the situation in theatres in Europe.
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"The hardest thing is to ensure sustainability"
The Malagasy art scene is trying to structure itself.
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The 10th November 2020
Call for projects Relance export
Until November 20th to apply on the Institut Français website.
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The 21rst October 2020
2019, a record year for export
Article by Irma, following the publication of the 2019 Export Bureau figures
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The 21rst October 2020
Coronavirus: what support for the music industry?
Export Bureau article on the various forms of support for the music industry around the world